In 'Caught in the Woods', my BFAH graduation thesis, folkloric landscapes become spaces of both terror and intimacy.
Growing up in a traversing military family, the definition of home has always been mercurial. 'Home' came from reliable fairy tales, and galvanizing bedtime stories. Inspired by Finnish folktales and illustrator Tove Jansson, I created sculptures and large format prints that explore the liminality of these spaces: Civil vs Primal, Human vs Animal. 

Wolf icons take the stage in the worlds I construct- they draw comparisons between conditioned ideas of predation and vulnerability. I like to use these connotations to examine the harmony, dependency, and destruction that linger over our relationship with the natural world. My characters manifest concepts of physical and psychological transformation; they are in a constant state of flux: celebration, abdication, appentence. 
By prying, ever so slightly, at the junction between human and animal worlds I hope to shine some light on the dark complexities of our own humanity. 
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